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Back in 2017, Star Ace Toys announced a Dracula statue based on Christopher Lee’s portrayal of the Count from Scars of Dracula. They are revisiting the movie with an all-new statue of Christopher Lee as Dracula. The Count Dracula 2.0 Statue is a 1/4 scale statue that stands over 20′ tall. The mixed media statue will include a fabric outfit, a poseable fabric cape, and a polyresin body. There will be a Standard and a Deluxe release of this statue. With the Deluxe Edition, the eyes and the statue base both have light up LED features, and the base has a life size removable ring with Dracula’s crest on it.

The Count Dracula Statue is priced at $430, with the Deluxe Edition priced at $480. It is set to ship out between September and November this year. Pre-orders have been opened by Sideshow Collectibles. We’ll update with sponsor pre-orders if and when they go live. Check out some photos and additional details after the jump.

Scars of Dracula – Count Dracula 2.0 Statue

The next Superb ¼ scale statue from Star Ace features Christopher Lee as he appeared in the 1970 film “Scars of Dracula.”

Christopher Lee fixed the image of the fanged vampire in popular culture and this figure captures the fear the blood-sucker inspired in film-goers. Mouth wide and fangs out, Dracula comes towards you with arms extended, ready to make you his next victim.

The fabric costume with swirling cape perfectly captures Dracula’s formal wear that Christopher Lee wore in the film.


This figure also features blood-red LIGHT UP eyes. The eyes look normal until illuminated, simulating the blood-lust Dracula feels as he stalks a victim. The base looks like a castle floor and shines with the supernatural light coming up through the cracks between stones. The base also features a removable and wearable ring featuring a detailed Dracula crest.

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