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Earlier this month, NECA revealed the contents of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Stern Pinball Appearance Crate. The Loot Crate style box featured a few TMNT themed items, along with an exclusive metallic cartoon version of the Shredder 7″ Scale Figure. Other items in the crate include a shirt, a Krang beanie, a magnet, and a keychain. This is all being released to celebrate an all-new pinball machine that was released be iconic pinball manufacturer Stern. The crate is available exclusively at Walmart, and is priced at $49.96.

Thanks to our friends at NECA, we have the crate in-hand, and we have a new photo gallery featuring the exclusive Shredder figure. Read on for some quick impressions, and the full photo shoot.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Stern Pinball Appearance Crate with Exclusive Shredder 7″ Scale Figure


  • Metallic paint apps are great looking
  • Shredder’s purple tunic is reminiscent of his arcade appearances
  • Great packaging for the crate and the figure itself
  • Nice assortment of items


while not specifically released by Loot Crate, the box and contents have a lot in common with the service. The packaging features the same artwork seen on the new Stern Pinball machine. Similar art from the machines is used on Shredder’s individual packaging, as well as the included t-shirt. For the price, you get a pretty nice shirt, and a funny beanie that kids might enjoy. The magnet and keychain are nice, but don’t add much to the overall desirability of the crate.

The main draw of the box is unquestionably the Shredder figure. Shredder is the same base figure we’ve seen in the TMNT Arcade Box Set, and has been repainted for the TMNT Cartoon Series releases. It’s a very good Shredder design, with a lot of good articulation. Double jointed knees and elbows are included, as is a removable cloth cape. The new paint scheme is fantastic looking, as the metallic paint apps on the armor and tunic look great in-hand. The colors could pass for a viedo game themed Shredder, just without the cel-shading, as Konami tended to use purple on his outfit instead of gray. The figure includes swap out hands for holding weapons, however none are included. For the shoot, I used a sword from the cartoon series shredder.

If you can find this in stores, it’s definitely worth picking up. The figure is excellent, and if you enjoy the other items, then those become a nice bonus. Check out some select photos below, and the full photo gallery after that.

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