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The second wave of Army of Darkness 3.75″ Scale ReAction Figures are available now from Super7. This wave features three “Midnight” versions of previously released figures. They include Medival Ash, a Deadite Scout, and the Pit Witch. The figures are priced at $18 each. You can order them directly from the Super7 Store, along with any Wave 1 figures you may have missed.

How do you make the Army of Darkness better? You make ‘em darker!

Army of Darkness ReAction figures have been reanimated, with Ash, the Pit Witch and Deadite Scout all getting the Midnight color treatment in the latest wave of Army of Darkness ReAction figures.

If you try finding these at S-Mart or some other two-bit retailer, you’re just gonna end up getting pestered by some undead soul and that’s just a recipe for a day ruined. Skip all that nonsense and head on over to, your best source for the new Army of Darkness ReAction figures!

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