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McFarlane Con is still popping off some gems throughout day 3. Recently revealed was the Mortal Kombat 11 Commando Spawn. This is 12 inch scale and for those that know McFarlane’s style, those are usually minimally articulated, closer to a statue than a traditional action figure as we collectors know today. They are however great centerpieces, especially for a tightly themed nook of a display. Since most who collect Spawn have multiple versions of the same character over and over, adding in this big detailed version of him from the game should work well. I played Spawn thoroughly and unlocked all his gear, but the default colors Commando Spawn was always one of my favorites. This looks to be a fantastic version of him.

Now, I REALLY hope they go full 7 inch modern tech with him eventually. That design will allow for a full range of cuts and articulation well hidden in all the armor. And come on – Spawn, armor, guns, necroplasm – it’s a perfect match of mystical and tactical that would kill in 7 inch modern form. Maybe I need to get on the horn with Malebolgia and cut a deal…

Check out some shots of the Commando Spawn from the reveal video after the break!

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